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Mexican artisans

We are passionate about the craftsmanship of our country and we love sharing the history and context of the pieces we bring. All carefully selected by Daniela, Mexican artist and initiator of this project.

Daniela Flores Magón

Project mother

Since her childhood, Daniela has been fascinated by the rich craftsmanship and distinctive aesthetics of Mexico. Her professional career has taken her from a biologist to an artist, with a deep knowledge of Mexican artisan traditions. His talent extends to painting and cardboard, disciplines in which he has gained international recognition, exhibiting his work and giving workshops in countries such as Mexico, Holland, Singapore and Spain. In addition, Daniela has a passion for traditional music, standing out as a performer and dancer of Son Jarocho.

The idea for Enraizarte arose during a sleepless night in the hot summer of Madrid. Motivated by this vision, Daniela has dedicated herself tirelessly to research, establishing connections with local artisans and artists, and carefully selecting artisan works for the project. As artistic director of Enraizarte, Daniela sets the aesthetic vision and guides the creative direction, ensuring that each piece reflects the authenticity and cultural value of Mexican craftsmanship.

Daniela Flores artesanos mexicanos
oscar Enriquez artesanos mexicanos

Oscar Enriquez

Project Caretaker

Oscar, whose training as an engineer complements his talents as a percussionist and woodworking enthusiast, has played a crucial role in the development of the Enraizarte project from the beginning. Their collaboration began the morning Daniela shared her visionary idea with him. As a fundamental pillar of the team, Oscar directs the management and logistics of the project. His passion for carpentry is not only a hobby, but has also contributed significantly to Enraizarte, where he has designed and built several pieces of furniture that enrich the space, fusing functionality with art.

Together we are enraizarte

We are passionate about Madrid, our home since 2016. We are in the historic and beautiful Barrio de las Letras, surrounded by other shops and small businesses that give life and character to the neighborhood.

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Our store is a party of color that evokes the joy we feel when entering a Mexican market. Here you will find a wide variety of works made with various techniques, which have been found on our travels, traveling thousands of kilometers to visit artists' workshops, creating direct and trusting relationships, since we began to build this project in 2016. Always We are looking for more interesting objects to bring and share, that are made by people who are masters in their techniques, the result of a deep-rooted tradition or with a novel creative proposal.

Enraizarte is also a place to meet, sit around a table and create in company through the artisan techniques workshops that we organize and teach.

contacto de enraizarte tienda de artesanos mexicanos