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Our craft workshops

Come experiment and create with your own hands.

In Enraizarte We like to create with our hands and we deeply value the crafts executed with the expertise acquired through patient and persistent practice. 

We also love to gather around a table and share manual work, like in an artisan workshop. So, with the help of Daniela and our collaborators -María and Camila- we organize sessions in which to learn and practice different craft techniques.

The workshops are usually held on FRIDAY in the afternoon or SATURDAYS in the morning. Every month we send the programming to our email list and we also publish it on our social networks.

Tienda de artesanía mexicana en Madrid

Mexican altars

Duration: 4h
Price: 65 €
Instructor: Daniela
*Includes all materials + coffee, tea and cookies

In this workshop you will create a little altar or decorative box completely personalized, choosing its components from a wide variety of materials that we have available such as Mexican figurines, votive offerings, paper flowers and other objects. You can also bring a photo or object to make your niche even more personal.

More about the little altars:
On the side of the road, at the entrance to a mine or a mechanical workshop, at an urban bus stop... in Mexico it is possible to find little altars almost anywhere. They are usually a type of wooden or metal box, almost always with doors, where the image of some saint, virgin or illustrious personage is placed to venerate him or ask for protection. Although their use is typically related to religious faith, they are also widely used as artistic and decorative objects.

Miracles or sheet offerings

Duration: 4h
Price: 65 €
Instructor: Daniela
*Includes all materials + coffee, tea and cookies

Each participant will make an ex-voto or miracle to hang on the wall, choosing one of the several designs available. We will work on the drawing, cutting, embossing and painting of the sheet, with rustic or aged style painting effects. In addition to taking their work home, everyone will take a set of tools to continue working on this technique.

More about miracles or votive offerings

Miracles or votive offerings are one of the many forms of votive offerings: objects that are deposited or offered in order to ask, recognize or thank the intervention of supernatural forces on individual or community life. Such offerings have been a common denominator of human groups across calendars and geographies, with a prominent presence in Catholic traditions. In Mexico, they blend with the color and surreal touches typical of their idiosyncrasy.

Possibly the 'sacred heart' as a votive offering is the most popular form in the tradition derived from votive offerings, symbolizing divine love. Currently it is an element widely used in Mexican artistic/craft expressions and converted into creative ornamental and decorative pieces.

Skull decoration

Duration: 5h
Price: 65 €
Instructor: Daniela
*Includes all materials + coffee, tea and cookies

Decorate a skull of approximately 20 cm, whose mold we brought from Mexico. We do the preliminary work of covering it with layers of paper and leaving it ready for you to work with. In the session we will tell you about the preparation process - the basis of the cardboard technique - and you will paint and complete your piece with accessories. (It is advisable to have some experience using brushes.)

Embroidery, tenango style

Duration: 3h
Price: 65 €
Instructor: Maria
*Includes all materials + coffee, tea and cookies

Tenango is a style of embroidery based on Otomi traditions, created in the 1960s by the artisan Josefina José Tavera - who died in May 2020 - originally from the municipality of Tenango de Doria, in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.

It is characterized by the combination of colors and the representation of flora and fauna; that express the environment, life, myths and rituals of the Otomi indigenous people. Each model is unique and its production can take months or even years, as in the case of a bed blanket. It has become popular worldwide and today is considered cultural heritage of Mexico. In this workshop, each participant will make a Tenango-type motif (there will be several models to choose from) mounted on a frame.

You do not need to have prior knowledge of embroidery.

Talleres de bordados mexicanos

Traditional Mexican embroidery

Duration: 3.5h
Price: 65 €
Instructor: Camila
*Includes all materials + coffee, tea and cookies

A practical-theoretical workshop where we will practice the most used stitches in embroidery from different regions of Mexico: Zinacantán, Chamula, Tzintzunzan and Jalapa de Díaz. We will also talk about emerging issues in Mexico, from its folk art and embroidery to cultural appropriation, plagiarism and the legal protection system in Mexico. In the end you will take all the materials to continue embroidering independently and your guide with the step by step of the stitches learned.

No prior knowledge of embroidery is required.

Paint your craft

Duration: 4h
Price: €65 (depending on piece)
Instructor: Daniela
*Includes all materials + coffee, tea and cookies

(Catrinas, trees of life, hearts...) We bring pieces of ceramic and raw wood, from different workshops, so you can paint and decorate them to your liking.

Alebrijes workshop

Duration: 3 or 4 months
Sessions: 5pm to 8pm
Price: €75 per month
Instructor: Daniela
*Includes all materials + coffee, tea and cookies

This is a permanent workshop in which we teach the techniques of Mexican cardboard making, applied to the making of alebrijes. The sessions are on Tuesdays, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Each participant decides how many months they want to come for, according to the evolution of their own creation. A simple alebrije can take about 3 or 4 months, but sometimes inspiration calls for spending more time and making a more elaborate piece. Here we will work in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, attending to and enjoying the creative process.

Calendar of WORKSHOPS

We don't want you to miss the workshops you like the most! So we leave you the next dates. 

SÁBADO 18.05.24
Little altars


SÁBADO 25.05.24
Wooden hearts decoration


SÁBADO 08.06.24
Bordados mexicanos


SÁBADO 15.06.24
skull decoration


SÁBADO 29.06.24
Milagritos (ex-votos) avanzado



SATURDAY 03.23.24
Wooden hearts decoration


FRIDAY 05.04.24
Mexican embroidery (taught by Camila)


SATURDAY 06.04.24
Little altars


SATURDAY 04/13/24
trees of life


SATURDAY 04.27.24
Miracles (ex-votos)


Frequent questions

These are some of the most frequent questions from our clients and workshop users. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, contact us through our form or WhatsApp

Where are the workshops held? The workshops are at Calle de la Magdalena 29, 250 meters from our store. A few days before the session we send a reminder email with essential information to all registered people.
Nothing. All materials are included and in the end you get your piece. Of course, when choosing your outfit for the day, keep in mind that it could get stained with acrylic paint, which is not easy to remove.

We prepare our workshops in advance and with dedication. We allow date changes up to one week before the workshop. After this period, no changes or returns are allowed.

The reservation is made through our website, paying an advance payment of €35. The rest is paid on the day of the session.
If you have already come to our workshops before or if you bring someone else, we will give you a €5 discount, also for your companion.
Anyone who can dedicate 4 hours straight to delicate manual work can participate. Children under 12 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult. In the event that a child+companion works on the same piece, a single place is charged. If each person wants to work on their own creation, the little one pays half (to benefit the family economy).


About them

Get to know a little more about the instructors of our Mexican crafts workshops.


Project mother

Daniela Flores Magón is the mother of the Enraizarte project. She has more than 20 years of experience as a painter, paper sculptor and multidisciplinary artist. He has exhibited his works and given workshops in Mexico, Holland, Singapore and Spain.


Collaborator since the beginning of the project

María Navarro studied psychology in Mexico and completed a master's degree here in Madrid. She has been learning, producing and teaching embroidery techniques in Mexico and Spain for more than 10 years. She has been a collaborator of Enraizarte since the store opened in December 2019.


The latest addition to the project

Camila Ferreira studied textile design in her native Uruguay and did a master's degree in Cultural Diversity in Melilla. She founded Chee' Cultural based on ethnographic research on weaving in the Mayan communities of Guatemala, which later spread throughout Mexico. He currently resides in Seville, but offers workshops on various textile techniques in several cities in Spain and Italy. Collaborate with Enraizarte since 2020.

A special workshop for a GROUP

We also organize special sessions for groups of three or more. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or leave us your email so we can add you to the list. We will wait for you!
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